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Endermologie Cosmetics

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Endermologie Cosmetics

Endermologie cosmetics is a dedicated cosmetic product line developed for Endermologie.
LPG France has developed Endermologie cosmetics by combining the knowledge and technology of body making and aging care research for more than 30 years.

You can expect the synergistic effect of the patented ingredients, which allows you to continue the various effects of Endermologie treatment at home. It is a paraben-free line with a luxurious scent based on biotechnology.
There are body and facial lines to suit your Endermologie treatment and worries, so please feel free to ask a specialized counselor.

Recommended for people

  • Who love endermologie treatments
  • Who can continue their treatments at home
  • Who want to tone up the skin
  • Who have cellulite and are worried about their body size
  • Who worry about swelling
  • Who worry about their face line