To maintain proper hygiene in the salon, on top of what we do daily we are thoroughly implementing the following measures.

  • We are frequently cleaning throughout the day, every day.

    The reception desk, waiting room, doorknob, locker, powder room, and other areas where customers, estheticians, staff, and customers come into contact frequently are cleaned daily using PASTEURISER. (77% alcohol).

  • All equipment and fixtures are kept clean

    All equipment and equipment’s used in the procedure are kept clean by the following procedure of “cleaning → disinfection → sterilization”.

  • Sterilizing before and after the procedure.

    All of the estheticians wash their hands regularly and uses sanitizer that contain more than 70% alcohol solution before starting the treatments.
    We also ask our customers to do the same hand sanitization upon entering and leaving the store.

  • Avoiding the 3 C’s

    We make sure to make the reservations with intervals in between so that, each customer does not have any contact with each other.
    Along with that, we also make sure we keep the door always open at the entrance so there is through ventilation throughout the store all the time.

  • Thoroughly managing our health every day

    Estheticians and staff are thoroughly managing their health every day.
    Estheticians and staff also wear masks, including during treatment.

  • Bed sheets are always kept clean

    Bed sheets that customers can directly touch are replaced with new ones before each treatment.

  • Usage of disposable paper shorts

    We use fresh disposable paper shorts in the endermologie treatments for every customer, in every treatment.

  • All gowns, socks, boots, gloves, etc. are kept clean.

    The gowns and socks worn by the customers are washed and sterilized after each use to keep them clean and sterile.
    The used boots and gloves are sterilized and disinfected every time as well.