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「Results」Theraputic Cosmetics


Therapeutic cosmetics that give you “Results” developed by a dermatological research institute. Exuviance is a skin care cosmetic product developed by Neo Strata, a world-class dermatological research institute founded by two medical doctors who discovered AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) technology.

Extensive scientific and clinical evidence has led to the emergence of the idea that true “aging care” at Neo Strata is to normalize skin cell turnover.

The lengthening or shortening of the skin cell turnover cycle due to factors such as age, dryness, and ultraviolet rays can cause various skin problems such as wrinkles, spots, and acne.

Exuviance contains AHA and PHA ingredients to remove the unnecessary stratum corneum and leads to fresh and shiny skin by doing your daily home care routines.

Recommended for people

  • Who have spots, wrinkles, and sagging
  • Who have acne and breakouts
  • Who have dry skin
  • Who have lost firmness in the skin